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Rental Tool VAS 6395B

Item number: MG00003

Category: VAS Tester

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With this product, you can rent the special tool VAS 6395B. The testing device VAS 6395B is required for replacing the E-positioners on the turbocharger and switchover induction system. Using the VAS 6395B, all E-positioners can be read out and newly set through the guided steps of the E-Box. The VAS 6395B can be used for all E-positioners - the required software is included. The application is described in the respective repair guide.

Rental term:

  • Please note that the delivery of the VAS 6395B can only take place after we receive the rental contract signed by you!
  • The rental period begins on the day of delivery via UPS
  • The rental period ends on the last rental day = when you hand over the package to UPS
  • If the testing device is not returned within 7 workdays after receiving it, we will charge an additional 10,00 € net rental fee for every following day!

Deposit / security fee for private use

  • As a private person, while ordering, a security fee of 730,13 € incl. value-added tax must be charged
  • After you have sent our testing device back to us, we will then reimburse you for the previously charged deposit minus the rental costs
  • Example:
    • You rent our testing device for 730,13 € incl. value-added tax, plus shipping
    • After finishing your work, you will send the rental device back to is within the deadline of 7 workdays
    • After we get our fully functional testing device back we will refund 672,13 € to you
      • 730,13 € (deposit) - 58,00 € rental fee for 7 workdays = 672,13 € reimbursement


Buying option

  • You would like to simply keep your rental device?
  • No problem! Should you be interested in buying it please let us know with an e-mail to

Shipping outside of Germany

  • The rental device can unfortunately only be sent online to customers in Germany
  • We will gladly ship our testing devices to foreign countries on demand. A deposit must be made.
  • Regarding this, please contact us directly via e-mail:
  • E-Box Omitec Ltd. VAS 6395 B/1
  • Connection cable for E-positioners VAS 6395/2 (2.7I TDI with exhaust emmissions standard EU4, EU5 and EU6 as well as 3.0I TDI with exhaust emmissions standard EU5, EU6 and BIN5)
  • Bracket VAS 6395/3 (2.7I TDI with exhaust emmissions standard EU4 and EU5)
  • Bracket VAS 6395/5 (Q7, A4 and A5 2.7l and 3.0l TDI with exhaust emmissions standard EU6 and BIN5)
  • Bracket VAS 6395/6
  • Bracket VAS6395/7
  • Update cable VAS 6395/4-1
  • Connection cable VAS 6395/4-2
  • Case VAS 6395B
  • Operation manual

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