Mietgerät Ross-Tech® HEX-V2® Basiskit MOST Professional

Item number: MG11029-P

Category: VCDS (für VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda)

Plus deposit / security fee

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The Ross-Tech® HEX-V2® is the diagnostic system for all vehicles of the VAG Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley) from 1992 to the latest model series as well as other small batch series and commercial vehicles, based on Volkswagen technology.

Should you not require the Ross-Tech® HEX-V2® diagnostic system on a daily basis, you have the opportunity to rent it from us.

Rental service

  • The amount due for the rental device is 39,99 € incl. value-added tax per day (24 hour rythm) plus shipping
  • The rental period starts on the day of delivery via UPS
  • The rental period ends when you hand over the package to UPS

Deposit / security fee:

  • During the ordering process, a security fee of 511,17 € must be provided beforehand
  • After you have sent our testing device back to us, we will then reimburse you for the previously charged deposit minus the rental costs
  • Example: Using our rental device, you work for two days. The rental costs will amount to a total of 2 x 39.99 € = 79,98 € plus shipping
    • We will deduct the rental costs (79,98 €) from your provided deposit (511,17 €). We will refund you 431,79 €

Buying option

  • You would like to keep the rental device?
  • No problem! Should you be interested in buying it please let us know with an e-mail to mail@pci-diagnosetechnik.de

Shipping outside of Germany

  • The rental device can unfortunately only be sent online to customers in Germany
  • We will gladly ship our testing devices to foreign countries on demand. Regarding this, please contact us directly via e-mail: mail@pci-diagnosetechnik.de

Detailed calculation example:

  • You order our testing device on May 4th, 2020
  • You receive the package on May 5th, 2020 at 1 o'clock during the day
  • You finish your work with out rental device
  • On May 6th, 2020 at 12 o'clock, our testing device will be picked up from you by UPS
  • The rental period was one day
  • The total rental costs amount to 39,99 € plus shipping
  • We will deduct the rental costs (39,99 €) from your provided security fee of 511,17 € and we will refund the remaining amount
  • After we receive our rental device again, we will refund you 471,78 €

This evolution of the worldwide popular Ross-Tech HEX+CAN interface hardware can , like before, be used with the VCDS software which is based on Windows. For separate and especially older models / other brands (for example Linde, KTM), additional adapters are optionally available. In EOBD mode this interface grants access to diagnostic functions concerning exhaust and spanning multiple brands (such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, newer Opel models, all French brands, multiple Asian brands and much more). Furthermore, due to the licence dongle functionality of the HEX-V2 interface hardware, the system is mutli-workstation capable.

Possible applications:

  • Automated test sequence
  • Control device information (and expanded CAN information)
  • Actuator test (sequential / selective)
  • Basic setting
  • Coding (short / long / subsystems)
  • Value blocks (real-time data)
  • Adaption (long / short)
  • Readiness (read / set)
  • German database of fault codes with error texts
  • Service reset
  • EOBD / OBD2 functions (spans multiple brands)
  • and much more!

Comparative advantages to older VCDS diagnostic systems:

  • Robust USB cable, removable and replaceable
  • Supports the newer vehicle generations, starting in model year 2016 (for example Audi MLB2)
  • Improved materials for better stability, longer life span, improved exterior looks as well as ease of use
  • Up to 3 times faster communication with the vehicle (for example Auto-Scan) in comparison to HEX+CAN
  • New micro controller which makes future expansions of VCDS functions possible


  • Plug-ins VC-Scope, TDI-Graph and LCode
  • Software updates through download for free for an undetermined period of time, however at least 12 months from the purchase date
  • Technical support after purchase through the German VCDS discussion board and the German VCDS Wiki
  • Manual for the use of the German VCDS discussion board and the German VCDS Wiki

Technical specifications:

  • 16-pole ISO 9141-2 OBD2 plug made from fibre-reinforced ABS plastic with proper fit
  • PU coated, extreme tearproof and flexible USB connection cable with long life span
  • Gold-plated connections for highest stability and contact security
  • 2 LEDs for a multicolor display of the type of connection
  • 2 CAN diagnosis cables (KWP 6000 and KWP 7000)
  • 2 K diagnosis cables (KWP 1281 and KWP 2000)
  • Licence dongle funcionality for VAG-COM diagnostic software (VCDS)
  • Automatic baud rate detection

System requirements:

  • Working memory: minimum of 4 GB
  • Hard disk space: minimum of 1 GB
  • Port: USB 1.1 or newer
  • Screen resolution: minimum of 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 recommended)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV (equivalent or better), single-core atom processors are no longer supported
  • Operating systems: current Microsoft Windows operating system

VCDS works on notebooks, subnotes, tablet PCs, most netbooks as well as standard desktop PCs. VCDS is not compatible with Microsoft Windows CE and RT! Other operating systems like GNU/Linux or Apple Mac OS are not supported. The usage of virtual machines like for example VirtualPC, Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox oder VMware is not advised.

  • Ross-Tech® HEX-V2® diagnostic interface (Professional without VIN limitation)
  • Connection cable USB-A to USB-B (length about 1,5 m / 4.9 feet)
  • Check loop for the MOST data bus
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Reference photo of the rental device
  • Daily updated VCDS diagnostic software for Windows on USB stick
  • Sturdy storage case

Product may differ from depiction

All supported models are found in our vehicle list (PDF file).
You can find the latest software version of VCDS here.
To download the user manual please click here.
The difference between the Ross-Tech HEX-NET and the Ross-Tech HEX-V2 diagnostic case is found here.

  1. For the rented item, only the intended usage is permissible - for security reasons as well. All safety precautions and regulations must be adhered to.
  2. All rental devices are in perfect, reliable condition at the start of the rental period. The rentee must check if the items and accessories are complete when taking over the rental device. In case of loss of the rental device or of accessories, or if the rental device was rendered unusable by the rentee, we will charge for the respective parts.
  3. The rentee is liable for all damage to the rental device caused on purpose, by carelessness, by non-intended usage or other conditions the rentee is responsible for (for example usage by unauthorited persons).
  4. The rentee is liable for the loss of the rental device if the cause of the loss is traceable to conditions that the rentee is responsible for. The rentee must carefully store the rental device, protect it from theft especially and make sure that neither fire or climatic conditions can damage it.
  5. The renter does not assume liability for damage inflicted on the rentee, a third party or another thing / item by the rental device.
  6. A right of revocation can not be granted on rented devices.
  7. The rentee assumes responsibility for the transport of the rental device to the rentee and back to the renter. He also bears the transport risk.
  8. The rentee is obligated to point out every damage on the rental device to the renter, no matter if it was caused by natural wear or if the renter is responsible for it. Using a rental device that is damaged / in a non-reliable condition is not permissible. The rental device must not be opened or repaired by either the rentee or a third party. All repairs must be carried out by the renter or a person / company hired by the renter. The renter will make another, corresponding rental device available to the rentee if possible. The rent must still be paid for the duration of the repair just like in case of loss of the rental device and when the rentee is responsible for damage or loss. The rentee bears the repair costs if the rentee is responsible for the damage to the rental device.

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